About the Company

Our presence in the Greek pharmaceuticals market begins in 1973,

when Mr. Nikolaos Chiotellis establishes YAMAFAR, one of the most modern generic medicine factories in Greece.

Nine years later, in 1982 the company moves forward by establishing long term,

prosperous relationships with similar factories abroad while growth in the domestic market is now well under way.


In 2002, Mr. Stratos Chiotellis introduced Iamatica in the Greek market,

which became operational and fully licenced in the beginning of 2006.

Since then, the company is serving the highly sensitive health care sector with quality products,

aimed at providing patients with the best possible medication along with full support for doctors and medical staff.

Iamatica Pharmaceuticals main focus is on generics products covering most popular therapeutic categories.

The company is in constant contact with all major national and international pharmaceutical companies,

organizations and institutions in order to provide the best possible products to its clients.


Our vision

is to provide high quality products,

aimed towards the patient and his relief,

while maintaining and exceeding all relevant high standards

imposed by the European Community and Greek legislation respectively.